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A unique opportunity to visit all the main invasion sites and beaches of the D-Day landings in one day with expert guides, museum entrances and over 10 hours of fascinating military history.

Itinerary includes:

  • Special charter flight from Jersey with Blue Islands departing 7.30am and arriving 9.30am French time at Caen (Carpiquet) overflying the magnificent abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel en route.
  • Guided coach tour with expert local military historian Ian Ronayne visiting:
  • St Mere Eglise:  Where the American paratroopers dropped on the burning village and John Steele was left hanging from the church steeple. Guided visit to the US Airborne museum with a wealth of tanks, gliders, guns and photos and equipment from both armies.
  • The British and Commonwealth Cemetery in Bayeux:  The largest British World War 11 cemetery in France.
  • Omaha Beach:  Site of the worst casualties on D-Day. Drive along the beach. Visit to the American Cemetery at St Laurent with over 9000 graves (including thirty pairs of brothers) as featured in the film “Saving Private Ryan”.
  • Pointe du Hoc:  Site of the cliff top battery attacked from the sea by James Rudder’s rangers up 100 feet high cliffs on the morning of D-Day. Visit to the empty gun emplacements and bomb devastated craters where the battle raged for two days.
  • The German Battery at Longues-Sur-Mer:  Four 155mm canon were sited here to shell Sword Beach, attacked by HMS Ajax which knocked out two in twenty minutes from 7 miles out to sea. 
  • Arromanches:  Liberated on the afternoon of D-Day by the Royal Hampshire Regiment coming from Gold Beach. The port was the site of one of two Mulberry Harbours which were towed from England and sunk to create an artificial harbour known as “Port Winston”. Lunch stop here and time to view the surviving caissons and visit the fascinating museum with models of the harbour and films of the battle.
  • Pegasus Bridge:  Drive along the British invasion beaches to Pegasus Bridge where the gliders of the Ox and Bucks, led by John Howard, landed in the most remarkable coup de main of D-Day capturing the vital bridge over the Orne canal. Our Jersey hero, Clive Kemp, arrived there the next day with Lord Lovat’s commandos  to build a Bailey Bridge and befriend Madame Gondrée whose café was the first building in France liberated in the invasion.
  • Carpiquet Airport and the battle at Buron: A prime objective to be captured on D-Day the Canadian forces advancing through Buron lost 21 tanks and took 250 casualties fighting an elite panzer division. They were forced to retreat. Carpiquet  was not captured until 8th July from fanatical Hitler Youth SS Troops.
  • Plane departs 7.30pm French time, arriving in Jersey at 7.30pm.

£245 per person

Please note this tour is currently for Jersey clients only.
“every tour organised with our legendary care and service”
“every tour organised with our legendary care and service”
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